Nerdy, and proud of it!

We are obsessive. We love puzzles. We will work tirelessly until we can call our puzzle complete. We're also willing to bet that you have some pretty interesting puzzles that need a little solving. If we're right, let us know!


We believe you should understand what you're paying for, and we promise to speak to you with the respect you deserve. Unlike those other guys.


We believe that a job that's worth doing is worth doing right. We promise that any work leaving our hands is our best, without exception.


We believe that our work is never finished. We don't want to just sell you a product, we want you to succeed; and we're here to help.

Nerd, with a capital "N".

We're still not used to compliments...

...but, if it gets us a little closer to working with you, we're willing to be a little embarrassed.
Anon A' Mousse

Anon A' Mousse


"I got in over my head on this project, and you really bailed my out. Not just that, but I learned how to keep my head above water. Thank you."

Jason Coles

Jason Coles

Business Owner

"It didn't all go perfectly, it never does... but, when push came to shove, your team came up big."

Ed McCaffrey

Ed McCaffrey

Founder, Astral Diagnostics

"Not sure what I would have done without you. You saved our asses more than once, and I have a feeling you'll have to do it again soon. Thank you guys."

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